Project Type: New
Construction Cost: $60 M
Size: 123,000 SF

K-12 Public Schools

Wahconah Regional High School

Dalton, MA

Wahconah Regional High School was facing many challenges such as space limitations for science and music instruction, accessibility issues, environmental hazards, and heating and cooling system problems. After thorough evaluation, it was decided that constructing a new school would be more beneficial in terms of long-term value, operating costs, and minimal disruption to students.

The school is organized around a bright, multi-purpose Student Commons. This signature space acts as the main entrance lobby, gathering place, and cafeteria. It is light-filled, double-height and houses stadium stairs that connect to the upper floor and provide informal seating for presentations and assemblies. It also has extensive display capabilities in casework, graphic panels, and digital monitors.

Adjacent to the Commons are three major core activities: gymnasium, auditorium, and kitchen. The Student Support Center (Guidance offices, Career Center, Nurses area, and Psychologist) is next to the Commons to provide convenient but discrete access.

The two-story academic area is configured into clusters or “pods” on each side of the Learning Commons. Each classroom cluster has a central, open break-out area furnished with marker walls, technology infrastructure, and flexible furniture to support collaboration. There is strategic use of glass throughout the interior to balance the desire for transparency with the need for privacy and security.

The new school not only addresses the previous limitations of the old facility but also offers a conducive environment for learning and collaboration. The thoughtful design and layout aim to enhance the overall educational experience for both students and teachers.

Project Leadership

Carl R. Franceschi, AIA

LEED AP BD+C | President | Principal
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