Project Type: New
Construction Cost: $2.5M
Size: 7,500 SF


Roeliff-Jansen Community Library

Hillsdale, NY

Originally the program for the new Roeliff Jansen Community Library called for a12,000 sf library. During the site selection phase, a new site was selected, but with the restriction that the building footprint could not exceed 7,500SF. This was still a significant increase over the very cramped existing library, and with careful planning the majority of the program needs were still met.

The new library serves three communities and the site is closer to the centers of population. The design takes advantage of the magnificent westerly views to the mountains, with a sloping grade down to a picturesque river.

The new building was designed to achieve LEED gold, and is sited with a southern solar orientation for daylighting and photovoltaics. Heating and cooling is geothermal. The radiant floor slab contains 2.5 miles of tubing.

We are currently investigating recycled content carpet options to generate more LEED points. The project was completed in 2010.

Project Leadership

Kenneth C. Best, AIA

ALA, CSI | Principal
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