Vladimir’s choice of profession was influenced by the location where he was born and grew up.  The City of St. Petersburg, Russia is the place where world class architecture becomes part of one’s life and it’s hard to not be affected by this environment. This lead to Vladimir’s enrolling in one of the oldest architectural schools in Russia, St. Petersburg University Academy of Arts. Vladimir eventually made his way to the United States where he settled in Boston area in 1987 and enjoyed working in the architectural field since then. He has been with DRA for nearly 20 years and in that time became an Associate and a Senior Associate and now a Principal.  In this role he is responsible for design, overseeing production, coordination of the project team and management of the budget, schedule and scope. Vladimir expects a high level of commitment from all team members and uses his accent to his advantage in this area especially when dealing with consultants and contractors. Clients value his intuitive understanding of the building process and his ability to see different perspectives, create innovative solutions to problems and manage and reconcile diverse and complex interests.  In his time away from the office (which is a rarity) Vladimir enjoys the cinema, skiing and possibly some things we don’t need to know about.


Vladimir Lyubetsky
Vladimir Lyubetsky
Vladimir Lyubetsky

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Telephone: 617-964-1700
Email: Lyubetsky@draws.com


St. Petersburg University, M. Architecture


Professional Registrations

Massachusetts Certified Public Purchasing Official (MCPPO)

Massachusetts Studio
235 Bear Hill Road, Fourth Floor
Waltham, MA 02451
T. 617.964.1700
F. 617.964.1701

Connecticut Studio
225 Oakland Road, Studio 205
South Windsor, CT 06074
T. 860.644.8300
F. 860.644.8301


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