Sure these photos are staged, but we really do collaborate on a daily basis.   As with any architectural firm, there are deadlines, shifting priorities and a few technical difficulties, but we work together to stay on track to serve our clients well.   Our open design studios cultivate an environment of mutual respect, an easy exchange of ideas and quite a bit of laughter.  Basically we are a group of talented individuals that work hard and have fun.


Massachusetts Studio
235 Bear Hill Road, Fourth Floor
Waltham, MA 02451
T. 617.964.1700
F. 617.964.1701

Connecticut Studio
225 Oakland Road, Studio 205
South Windsor, CT 06074
T. 860.644.8300
F. 860.644.8301


DRA Architects : DRA Leadership
At DRA we are grounded in our desire to provide quality services and driven by our passion to create spaces and places that make a difference for the people who use them.