DRA Welcomes Intern Justyn Moreno

DRA Welcomes Intern Justyn Moreno

February 1, 2019 | News

DRA Welcomes Intern Justyn Moreno


DRA welcomes new intern, Justyn Moreno. Justyn is a sophomore at Wentworth Institute of Technology, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. In his role, he will be assisting the design team with renderings, existing condition assessments, construction documents and other tasks. To learn more about Justyn, we asked him to answer four quick questions, his responses are below:

How did you become interested in architecture?

“I have always been a creative problem solver. In school I was the kid who would give an unorthodox answer that would make teachers really think. I am all about finding uncommon solutions to problems. I love to create, make things with my hands and produce something. It started off at a young age with Legos, and as I got older it evolved into a love for everything mechanical which manifested into my love for cars and motorcycles. So, for me architecture was the best way to combine my problem-solving skills and my passion to create.”

What would you like to learn while you are at DRA?

“Aside from learning architecture programs and techniques, my main goal is to really learn about what is involved with being an architect. I want to get an idea of what will be expected of me as I pursue my career. Also, I want to know what kind of environment I will be spending most of my future working and living in.”

What type of projects would you like to design someday?

“I am not sure as to what type of projects I want to pursue yet, but I am confident in saying that I want to develop sustainable systems. We live in a world where sustainability and our environmental imprint is becoming more and more of an issue, and I want to help solve that. I also want to design projects that will really benefit communities and the people around them. I believe architecture enables us as designers to really make positive impacts in our communities.”

Who is your favorite Boston sports team and why?

“My favorite Boston sports team is without a doubt the Boston Celtics. I have always loved basketball, and I grew up watching Paul Pierce, KG, Ray Allen, and Rondo win a championship for Boston. Our current roster is so young and full of energy and skill. It is great to see them play as well as they do now, and it makes me excited to know that if they are so good now at such a young age, they are going to be unstoppable in a few seasons.”

“I also love the winning culture associated with not just the Celtics, but with all Boston teams. Boston has always been my home and I am very proud to come from a culture of being champions. Nothing is better than being from Title Town.”


DRA is happy to have Justyn join our team. We look forward to his contributions and are happy to provide the opportunity for him to learn more about the architecture process and to gain valuable experience during his internship with us.

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