DRA to Present at AISNE Conference

DRA to Present at AISNE Conference

December 7, 2017 | Events

DRA to Present at AISNE Conference

DRA will be presenting at the upcoming AISNE Conference on December 7, 2018

Jim Barrett, Principal at DRA will present:

Campus Master Planning: Avoiding Detours, Potholes, and Dead Ends — Michael Bergin (Chief Financial Officer at Miss Porter’s School, Nick Parnell, Director of Facilities, and Jim Barrett, Principal, DRA

Each of our campus environments is on a ‘journey’, never stationary or stagnant in its disposition. We serve as leaders within our school communities, and as such, are key stewards of our campuses. The environment, and its facilities represent one of the most significant financial commitments that an independent school undertakes. The challenge is how best to access, interpret, and calibrate the effectiveness of the facilities that comprise our campus environments today.

For those interested in undertaking this challenge of stewardship, this workshop offers insight into the type of planning and assessment tools employed in strategic planning, facility assessment, educational planning, and master planning. This workshop discussion will be facilitated by three seasoned professionals, a Chief Financial Officer, Facilities Director, and Campus Planner. A case study and group dialog format will allow attendees to view sample projects, explore their strengths and weaknesses, and engage in dialog as these samples apply to their own experience and campus environment.

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