DRA Interns Tour the Stoughton High School Project

DRA Interns Tour the Stoughton High School Project

July 24, 2018 | News

DRA Interns Tour the Stoughton High School Project

Two of DRA’s interns, Megan Kalmbach and Madeline Mollerus, both interested in the field of architecture, recently had the opportunity to visit the Stoughton High School building project, currently under construction.

Courtney Southwick, DRA’s Project Manager, brought the two students on a tour of the construction site to show them the building progress and explain various design elements of the new 216,000 SF school. It’s not often that high school students have a chance to tour a future building and we were happy to shed some light on the process.

On the day of the visit, Megan and Madeline learned about construction site safety, and about the roles of the architect, construction manager, and owner’s project manager.  The students had a chance to observe a ductwork installation, an interior partition installation, and a concrete pour for the new gym. The current construction activities involve many trades and there are usually over 100 men and women onsite every day working on the building. One of the messages DRA conveys to students is that a large amount of coordination happens behind the scenes before a project goes out to bid, and there are many team members involved in the the project design and construction.

This fall, Stoughton High School will begin preparations for next year’s big move to the new building. It takes a major effort, and quite a team to move 1065 students plus staff and faculty from one high school to another.  Compass Project Management, the Owner’s Project Manager,  will coordinate the entire move, and the design and construction team will help facilitate all aspects of that move.

Consigli Construction Co., the construction manager, has maintained the project schedule and budget and they work closely with the Owner and design team to maintain a safe and efficient construction site, which is important on a project of this size.

We’re happy to report that the high school construction project is currently on target and the new Stoughton High School is scheduled to open in Fall of 2019 for students, faculty, and the community.

The students enjoyed the tour, and DRA received great feedback about the project. We look forward to having the students visit the project site again during their holiday breaks to observe the construction progress.

“There is more freedom in a new building. It was interesting to see how the entire setup of the building can be changed to fit what is expected of a school at this time, with updates in technology and environmental concerns. Combining the design of the plans and how the building looks now, Stoughton feels like a school that fits with today’s image. I feel that the shape and size of the auditorium and performance space, collaboration space near the classrooms, and greenhouse above the courtyard contribute to this and encourage students to work together. Overall, I enjoyed visiting the new school, and feel like it will be a good space for students to learn.”

                             – Megan Kalmbach, Hopkinton High School


“Even though Stoughton High School is not even close to being finished, it still resembles a school that fits the students’ and the environment’s needs. As the new building is being built next to the old building, the old one serves as a contrast to how different the new building is going to be.”

                           – Madeline Mollerus, Needham High School

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